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Scam Alert! Fitness World in Vancouver British Columbia

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This gym is a total scam! They are charging their members credit cards without their permission or consent, I haven’t been able to use their gym in months they have not returned any of my calls or emails I have sent to them.

They have went bankrupt and is now opened under a new name and so desperate for money that they are now charging all their members money without anyone’s consent, Please everyone who are members of this gym you need to contact your bank and do a chargeback on every fraudulent charge this gym has made.

Beware when your trying to cancel your membership they will tell you that you are in a contract and they have the right to keep charging your credit card which is a flat out lie, please don’t fall for it, This is called fraud!

Who ever goes to this gym and has experienced the same thing you should post your replies here and/or as many complaint boards as possible or even join the class action lawsuit against this gym, Here is their information.


9855 Austin Avenue Vancouver , British Columbia, Canada

Phone Number 604-421-2882

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