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Scotchtown NY Car Wash RipOff

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I’m so sick of this place because for the eight  times  I’ve came to this place there is always a problem only because I live close by but never again will go here because this place is a dump and ripoff.

Today 5/9/18 I went here again! thinking they have all there machines fixed and nope that wasn’t the case, So I pulled up to a self service drive in car wash and decided I’m going to wash my own car because going through the automatic car wash never washes my car properly and it’s very old (out dated) anyways, I went to put my money in the machine to start the timer for me to wash my car.


As soon as I put my money in and started spraying, a fountain of water comes out, yes a fountain ..The spray nozzle is gone which you can not tell unless you look inside the hose, So I’m standing here embarrassed washing my car without a nozzle, Mind you there is no sign, do not enter tape, or anything warning people not to use that particular car wash station. After i washed my car I saw atleast 3 people getting ripoff from the same station!!


Long story short, There stealing people’s money and allowing them to put money in knowing that the hose does not worked, After I wasted my $3.00 on that I just went into the automatic car washed which is a joke itself and very outdated, This place took my money in vending machines also like 3 times, I would put money in and never recieve my items then I look around for the staff and it seems there is no one to complain to so I just take the lost.

The place is also a dump, trash everywhere ..pot holes that have been there for at least 5 years, This place is a pure dump and I will never ever go there again, I’m writing this review to help others stay away, Your not going to get what you paid for and this place obviously don’t care about there customers.  I’ve attached pictures of this dump.

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