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So I signup for squarespace or simply square for my online business and offline business and I choose square because they talk a really good game and the idea that I can process online and offline was ideal for me and my business.

Signing up was a breeze but what they don’t tell you is that they have literally have like 1000 rules you must follow like really? I sell antiques online and offline at flea markets and there telling me my business is consider high risk? Square then asks a hundred questions about me and my business which is really outrages, either you process my payments or you don’t, There is nothing illegal about selling antiques what more do you want to know.

Anyway, they also like to hold your payments, charge fees higher then Paypal, Now a company that is competing but will never be close to Paypal but yet charges more then paypal, why would people fall for that when they can simply choose Paypal which is a highly more reasonable payment processor then squarespace and been around allot longer.


If your looking for a payment processor that you can feel at ease about and do not want to get ripped off by fees and lies my suggestions are to look elsewhere, you need to focus on your business not the payment processor. They fine ways to penalize you just so they can hold your money for (interest purposes) stay far away from squarespace.

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