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Sent them twice their generator for minor water leak repair; paid $400+. First time it came back it shorted out and blackened my tile irreversibly AND COULD HAVE STARTED A FIRE.

Sent it back, the second time it came back it did nothing. Both times I paid approx $60 shipping each time to them.

For the third time I stated I would send it back to them and they could keep the steam generator and refund my money for the repair and postage They would not refund even if I gave them the generator.
For a third time they just said they’d fix it. I would not pay to ship it back nor can they obviously “fix it.” They ruined it. It started as a water leak and ended up electrically damaged obviously beyond repair by them. I am out about $500 US.

This company has changed hands and this new owner is an incompetent servicer of their devices and totally dishonest. The old COMPETENT AND HONEST Las Vegas firm is listed w/the Better Business Bureau.

These new owners are not listed. THEY ARE INCOMPETENT AND DISHONEST-no wonder no revised listing with the BBB. I filed a complaint w/the BBB too.


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