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BAD TCL 65″ Roku 4K From Target

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So I bought this TV on Black Friday of 2019, the back says manufactured August 2019.. so this tv hasn’t even been used for 6 months since it wasn’t turned on until Christmas 2019. It started going dim about 2 months ago and just totally went out to black screen with sound now “july 17”.. I tried to reach  customer service.. I’ve been dealing with them for over a week now ..I have to figure out a way to transport my tv for a repair or refurbished one.. I can’t even fit it in my car!! To top it off they can’t even get me into repair shop for another week!! I have 2 other vizio Tv’s and have a had them both for a long time and still work good!! I am beyond disappointed that target  just can’t even try to make this right!
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