Terms and Conditions

Bad Bizz Terms and Conditions


(We, Us, Our) BadBizz.com is an online complaint and review website located in upstate New York.

Our terms and conditions reflect the use of our site (www.badbizz.com) and you as the accuser or poster agree in a binding legal agreement between you and the use of our website (www.badbizz.com). If you do not agree with these terms and conditions listed on this page do not post on badbizz.com.


Badbizz.com is an online complaint review forum board which list complaints and reviews of companies, All submitted statements posted here are solely your or the person or persons responsibility and liability to only submit true accusations against a company or person any videos, pictures and testimonies submitted to BadBizz.com is also your responsibility to make sure it is true and accurate and does not infringe in any copyright laws.


You agree that you as the poster to www.BadBizz.com take full liability of what you claim and take full responsibility of the accusations your are claiming towards a business or person.


Online Behavior On BadBizz.com

You are owner of what you post on BadBizz.com and will be fully liable for any repercussions that may occur from your complaint or review submitted here on Badbizz.com and are liable for any legal fees by the courts opposed on you for the information you submitted on www.Badbizz.com.

You are not allowed to use any of the following but not limit to in your complaint or review of a business or person when posting here on BadBizz.com,  abusive language in your complaint or on video, profanity, offensive language, threatening of any kind, harassing, pornographic material, spam, any illegal material, false statements or bullying of any kind.

You are not allowed to post any material that violates another company’s rights to a trademark, copyrighted material including but limited to, Pictures, videos, copyrighted material such as articles, press releases, website content from other sites and there proprietary rights without there written consent.


Online Content and Video

BadBizz.com allows images and video to be sumitted and by agreeing to these terms and conditions you agree and are liable for any images or video submitted to us (BadBizz.com)  You also agree that the images or videos you submit are not copyrighted or trademark and that you have full permission to post it on BadBizz.com

The content you submit must be original and do not exist on any other website, We will terminate your account and all access to BadBizz.com if it is found that you have duplicate images or videos on other websites.

You also give us (www.BadBizz.com) permission that any images or videos that you submit here can be shared to our associated pages such as Facebook, Twitter and our affiliate websites.

Video complaints submitted must be under two minutes and must be true and accurate, You are responsible for everything mention in the video you upload to our website(www.BadBizz.com), The video must not be contain offensive words, hatred, porn, profanity, advertising, infringe on any copyrighted materials.


BadBizz Intervention Service

BadBizz.com offers it’s users a intervention service which we will notify the business on there behalf and which will let the business or person respond to your complaint or review submitted about them. We are not legal representatives or Lawyers and only offer our intervention service as a 3rd party notification service.


By agreeing to these terms and conditions you will not hold us (www.BadBizz.com) liable for any outcome that may arise from the business or person you are accusing. We promise no resolutions from our intervention services we simply contact the person or business in question with the information you providing us, Phone numbers, address, websites etc. and informing them about the complaint or review you posted on BadBizz.com


We do not give your information of any kind to the person or business you are claiming, We only contact them through email, USPS mail with tracking, Text or phone.  We then direct them to the link of your posting where they can begin to communicate with you through comments, Your information such as name and addresses is not listed on your posting and are completely anonymous until you are ready to disclose any personal information about you.


We will provide email screenshots from our communications efforts with the person or business in question to you and USPS tracking information of any documents sent as it becomes available to us. We will attempt to reach the person in question or business three times and will not be liable if our communications go unanswered.


By accepting our terms and conditions you agree that there are no refunds for our intervention service under no circumstances. We try our best to go after the person or business in question but no guarantees they will respond. We do not take all intervention applicants and we have the right to refuse your claim at our will for any reason.


Removal of Complaint

Any complaints or reviews that are posted to BadBizz.com is the sole ownership of the poster and any information the poster has claimed in his/her complaint on this site. We have the right to edit or remove the complaint completely if it violates our term and conditions listed here on this page.


The person or persons who submitted the complaint or review on BadBizz.com has the right to edit or remove the posting at there own will. We will not remove complaints or reviews if they do not violate our terms and will remain on the site until the poster has agreed to delete the posting.


We can and may delete complaints or reviews listed on BadBizz.com if we have determine through comment communication between the two that a resolution was met but the poster has not deleted the posting or have abandoned all communications with the accused.


Not all postings fall in the category for removal and is on case-by-case basis. Some complaints and accusers may not want to delete the posting made to a business or person and therefor not looking for a resolution and are simply informing the public on there feedback with the business or person.


By agreeing to these terms you agree to be fair with the accused and if a resolution can be made and you agree to remove the complaint or review against them, That you carry through with the promise.


All comments between the accused and accuser will be publicly available to anyone who has access to BadBizz.com therefor you agree that no sensitive information are provided and BadBizz.com will not be liable for any legal or monetary actions against you.