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To the two unprofessional white ladies there, One working the desk in front and I guess the other was some kind of nurse working the back, How unprofessional can you be? When first arriving there I never felt so uncomfortable in my life, No greeting, Starred the whole time, giggling and chatting about there personal life while working and patients right there to hear there unprofessionalism.


Both of the white ladies there need to learn how to treat customers and learn some customer service because this is uncalled for and need some attention, This happen around 12:30 pm, The fact that they think this is ok by treating people like this I would advise anybody thinking about going here go somewhere else, Even if you have been force to go here by social security or social service, You have choice.


The nurse in the back, of course a white stuck up looking witch who didn’t even speak or said anything to me just stood there with an evil discuss look on her face, needs to be fired, I will report this unprofesslism to the people who referred me to this dump.

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  1. Yeah exactly I had the same thing happen to me today when I went with my cousin because he had an appointment here and I’m NEVER going here ever again they greeted him and saw me that I was there with him and didn’t even say hello “so rude” I wanna file a complaint too that’s not nice they HV alot of difference s and preference s and that’s not cool I didn’t appreciate it.