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The Officer Who Shot Jacob Blake Will Not Face Charges

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1/5/20 The officer who shot 29 year old Jacob Blake who was left paralyzed from the waist down is not being charged today for the shooting.

Rusten Sheskey is not being charged for the crime which sparked an outrage from all over the country that lead to massive protests , District attorney Michael Graveley also said that the other two officers who was involved will not be charged either.

Jacob Blake’s father, Said on Monday he calls for charges against the cop while urging Kenosha to “stand up and make some noise.”
He added, “Let’s be heard around the world. We’re not going to stop in Kenosha. We’re headed to DC. We’re headed to Nancy Pelosi’s office. We’re headed to whoever is going to be in charge of the Senate. Because this has got to be federally heard, for not just my son, but for everybody who has suffered police brutality — everyone.”
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