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Arreon talks about the radical attack: in order to victory

Arizona Renary finally won, but some options in the game were also questioned by fans and cheap oakley sunglasses experts. Before the last two minutes of the game, the Red Chacu Cartian Bruce-Arians arranged the team to pass the ball, rather than choosing a running time. This decision is also finally given the time of Aaron Rodgers to complete the reachable.

Arreon is not interested in consumer 40 seconds, he wants to get the first attack and cheap oakley sunglasses free shipping kill the game directly. Arreon said when he talked to the passage: “Our purpose is to win the ball.”

At the last moment of regular time, the rickets again select the radical defensive way. The team defensive coordinator James Bettcher arranged seven-person branch, the purpose of giving Rogers greater pressure, but this also sacrificed the number of people defensive behind. Arreon said: “This is our plan, and Rogers have completed great pass, I think our players are pulled, but eventually this is still a big.”

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