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Tim Hortons Rude Customer Service

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I went to the Tim Hortons in Novi Michigan last friday for morning coffee and breakfast. When I arrived I went to the cashier and said hello good morning. No response was given, just a cold stare and mean look. I proceeded to give the coffee and food order and paid for the order which came to around $13.



The cashier immediately started making my coffee as the machines are right behind the register and started and started pouring me decaf. I corrected them and said I did not order decaf and she started pouring it out with an attitude while whispering “boujee” under their breath! After that rude ordeal I went into a separate line to wait on the food I had ordered and saw the donut ordered was thrown into the bag frosting side down with frosting covering the entire bottom of the bag! Shortly after, I received the sandwich I ordered which was a sausage egg & cheese bagel and they cut the bagel completely jagged and lopsided which made the whole sandwich topple over. Now, please tell me – first thing in the morning who would tolerate this kind of service! If you are not happy with making food orders for people, there is no need to have the job and make your customers miserable.

Good thing I asked for the manager that morning because they corrected everything on the spot for me and agreed how everything was handled was just downright crappy. Please watchout when ordering breakfast at this Tim Hortons, the morning crew is very sloppy and just careless when it comes to handling your food. Beware!

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