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Chaotic Environment at USA Nails

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I have attempted to get my nails done here a couple of times because they are my local salon and its convenient. Each experience has been awful. There is always a long wait. Regardless of whether you are a walk in or you call before. It takes a couple of hours or better to get my nails done when all I am getting are basic acrylics and color, plus a pedicure.


I decided to give them a shot anyway because a busy salon is usually a good sign. The ambiance and environment are awful also. Its messy and loud. There are children running everywhere which typically wouldn’t bug me but these kids are restless from having to sit and wait so long. It would probably be less chaotic if their mothers were able to get their nails done in the amount of time typical for a salon.


Their attention to detail is very off. They are decent at applying tips but they do not clean up your nail at all. Their pedicures should be criminal. My feet have actually come out looking worse than when I went in. Anything and everything is an addiction $5. Even if it’s something like cleaning up my cuticles which is a part of what I am already paying for. They legit badger you into spending more and more money.


Sometimes they don’t ask or mention it will cost more and you find out when your $25 nail job costs $60. They also allow bootleggers to come in and badger you too. Once I took my daughter with me also and regardless I had paid extra for it, refused to give her any design besides a few dots. They said that’s the baby design but my daughter is ten with long enough nails for a design.


This place is always a disappointment in one way or another and I always leave overcharged and unhappy.

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