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USPS Packages in Limbo! Where is My Packages?

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I am a small business owner and I have to say I am outraged that so many of my customer’s packages are in limbo this year, I know 2020 was a terrible year but the usps should have been prepared for this, It’s the christmas season and people need their packages and the amount of days these packages are delayed are just out right unacceptable! You charge people up the roof for priority, express and more but you don’t deliver in the time frame you claim, This is called fraud!

It’s a shame when you pay for something like priority mail and the package is over 10 days late and just not moving through the system, Now I have to refund my customers because of the usps not prepared this year.

I will file a claim for ever package that is lost or delayed and blow up the phone lines until this handle, I recommend everyone do this, don’t let them get away with it and your money..Get it together usps!!!

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