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I ordered the Backyard Discovery Tucson Cedar Wooden Swing Set online and had it shipped to the store. When the item arrived it was damaged, severely damaged. The box was dorn and large chunks were taken out of the wood. Manager, **** offered me no compensation and said he could return the product and I could re order if I would like. He told me to go to if I wanted to complain.

So I did. I received a call back but nothing was offered to compensate. What I was looking for was to have the swing set re ordered and delivered to my home. This would be a freight delivery that would cost me $100.00. I thought it would be a great customer service offer since Walmart would not be responsible for delivering the item. Therefore, it wouldnt get damaged again. I was declined. Being a long time customer of Wal Mart I offered them another chance.

I ordered over the phone with the lady I was speaking with and had it shipped to the store. She assured me that it wouldnt get damaged and this instance must have been a fluke. Guess what? The swing set arrived the SECOND time and damage WORSE than the first time. I spoke to **** who once again told me to go to to file a complaint. I asked to speak with someone higher than him. Surely someone could help me fix THEIR mistake. Offere me a $100.00 gift card or freight shipping for the love of God. I was transferred to the Asst. Manager, Stephan who also told me there was nothing he could do and….go to Now I am livid.

Apparently in store employees know NOTHING about customer service. You tell me to use an electronic device to file a complaint? WOW! So that’s what I did. I went to and filed a complaint. I received a phone call from *****…***** was nice. He tried everything he could but his hands were tied because he needed clearance from his Supervisor. I requested the freight shipping to be paid of $100.00 so it could be shipped to my home instead of Walmart destroying it for a THIRD time. If not, give me a gift card to cover the expenses. DECLINED!

What makes me sick to my stomach is ***** told me that they would charge me $50.00 for the freight shipping and I should take the offer because WHY?…its a great deal! ***** literally told me that me paying $50.00 MORE for Walmart to NOT DESTROY my item was a GREAT DEAL? Are you people out of your **** mind? I can buy the exact same swing set from Meijer, K-Mart, Lowes AND Home Depot.

Did I the second time? No, because I love Walmart but not now. What a joke. You destroy my item TWICE and then ask me to spend MORE MONEY so YOU dont screw up. I am ENRAGED! This will be placed on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram unless this matter is resolved. In my opinion, you should be sending me the **** swing set for free for insulting my intelligence and telling me I should pay more because of your screw up. Someone FIX this!

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