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Wells Fargo Dealer Services

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This has got to be the worst loan dealer I have ever dealt with and I’m furious right now that this company after 4 years of my loan being paid off and done with (well thought) now showing on my credit report that it is being a charge off instead of showing good standing or paid off.

So I contacted this lying company about this situation asking them why does it show that my loan that I had with you guys over 4 years ago now show that it is being listed on my credit report as a charged off, They said it was an error and that they apologize for it.

Wait what? error? after 4 years and me receiving my title, How in the world can this be an error of a sudden? No this is no error this is a greedy unprofessional company who is after every dime they can get from you and to be completely honest with you it’s just simply fraud, They do these scams in hopes people would fall in there traps by making up some kind fees and that a customer would just pay them more money to just make it go away.

After 4 years of paying off my loan and receiving my title did they really think they can pull this scam on me and trying to get more money out of me, there sadly mistaken, I’ve learn allot from this company and will not be using them ever again and recommend anybody use this company for there loan needs, They are unprofessional, greedy, melious, and out to drain you for as much money as possible through fees and scams.

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