Landlords From Hell

Where Is My Landlord?

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I've been a tenant at this building in Park Slope for the past 4 months and I've only met my landlord one time. At that one time was when he came in while I was cooking a sweet potato. Having his number incase of emergencies I always thought would be great! So, when the electricity went out for no reason I didn't sweat it at all. I thought I'd call George and everything would be taken care of. I called and there was no answer so I left a voicemail, sent a follow up text, then went about my day to work.

Coming home I expected to by that time at least hear from him since it had been hours since I reached out. Assuming the lights would be back on I walked into my house to see nothing, not even my nose infront of my eyes because it was pitch black. Somehow that night the buildings electricity got fixed after I went to bed since the next morning the fridge was back on. But it gets worst…

I spent a whole day last week waiting for George to answer the phone because my roommate had clogged our one and only toilet. I called him 3 times and texted him despratley since nothing I was doing was working and I had to pee soooo badly! Eventually I fixed it by calling a friend but George was no where in sight!

Yesterday I see George walking up the stairs and I stop him to say hello. Tell me why he pretends not to see me and walks out of the building!!!

George the landlord must be a busy man, so busy that he can't even be bothered to say hello!

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