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10 wins and cheap jerseys 2 negative Arizona Red Tatar have recently achieved 6 consecutive victories, steadily sitting on the second transaction. Main quartzwood Kakanson & Bull; Palmer is a well-running guarantee for this season’s flush offensive group. At present, 3693 yards and 29 passes have reached the ball. The pass rate is as high as 106.3, this old will work hard to lead the red The car is flying to the first super bowl of the team. Mainly runs to Kris & Bull; Johnson may be completely reimbursed by the tibial bone cracking, but the young teenager David & Bull; Johnson station comes out to prove that I don’t lose to CJ2K, and I have a strong defensive front of the ram. This smallman ran out of the hundred yards and won the ball to reach, as of the last week, this year’s three-wheeled running guards have won 4 sports reachaes and 4 times. Amazing efficiency. The same is in the playing game, the old will take a litter (Fitzgerade). At the age of 32, he also became the youngest player who won this achievement, but this old approach seems to be declining, but as long as it can help the team win, personal data is difficult to see.

Pierce is restricted free players, and the weight has exceeded 154kg when the mini training camp is reported. After strictly criticized on Tuesday, Martin Dell believes that he has recognized what to do.

6 days ago, the patriot lost to Miami dolphins. On Sunday, they ended the 8-game winning streak of the steel man. Although the final steel person’s ball gag was blown, it made people feel that the goddess stood again in the patriot.

NFL official website reporter Ian RapoPort reported that the external hand of Kisin-Allen was treated in Kenan Allen on Tuesday. NFL official website reporter Rand Getlin reported that he will be placed in the injury reserve list.

The patriot has completed the top 9 of the 9th Mei Liandong DistrictThe Pittsburgh steel man still did not find the way to block Rob Gronkowski. The other teams in Meidian East did not find a way to catch up with the new England patriots. Now any United Unitedity team wants to find a way. Need to go to Fugsburg in the playoffs.

In this case, the use of the Patriot empty field formation (empty formation, hold backcourt player), running back alone stand out, Falcon security guard let him out of coverage. Then let the Patriots running back moved to the inside, good space and get rid of more confusion Falcon defender. Results are good.

In the second year of career, Jackson attracted all his eyes with his own rapid growth. He became the leader of the league’s history to advance 3000 yards in the single season, and also pushed the 1000 yard player. He is also the third young MVP in history.

I have noticed a tight end / running back out to take over the case outside of the array or its own separate station far out of it? If a person (linebacker / safety guard) within the defense out of the box with the name responsible for covering tight end / running back, this is the man-to-man coverage defense. Generally team who will want opponents using man to man defense, then they can take advantage of a defensive dislocation.

The 8 wins and 4-losing Minnesota Viking Times, a wave of 5 consecutive victories, let them take the throne of the top of the country, but the results of the 3-day 2 losses have enabled them to compete. The second grade of the second grade of the can be expressed in the last season, the Brizov is bad, and only 2398 yards in the 12 games. Only 8 passes to the account, pass the ball rating in the Alliance All first quarter-off rankings. In the most reliable running position in Viking, Adrian & Bull; Pedeson has experienced the return of the ban on the 1 year of ban, and the performance is still strong, and the 1182 yard’s score list is the top of the league. In the mid-season, the new show, the new show, Dige, also encountered a new show wall, and there was no more than 5 games. The biggest hidden danger of Viking is in the fight against their defensive group. In the game last week, their defensive groups were arrested Antoni & Bull; Bal and Harrison & Bull; Smith was injured in the start of the game. The former is the main rushing weapon of Viking people, and Smith is the most important leader of the second line of Viking people. And the two is likely to continue to absent this game, and the Viking’s defensive group will face unprecedented challenges this season.

The fourteenth week of reception on Thursday: Viking @ 红雀The NFL regular season has a three-week competition to end, and each team is also sprint for the last playoffs. This week, on Thursday night, the National Federation of the Focus on the Focus on the Focus, from the current Cities No. 2, Arizona Red, Hongjar, who was in the main court of the town, the country, the country, the country, the United States, the United States, the United States, the singer, the singer, the singer.

I am often asked, sitting in front of the TV on Sunday when everything is looking. My answer general basis against that day may be, detailed and complex. However, I summarize some spectators may enhance your NFL experience tips. While some skills related to camera angle, but if you look at the 22 people shot (I know most people are watching this), then these tips will help you better understand what is going on the field.

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