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I have been a wyndham rewards member for about 5 years now at the highest tier for rewards and also an employee through wyndham. I travel alot for work and usually make reservations online or over the phone for the wyndham brand hotels. I called in a reservation and was asked to spell the city where I was staying. A representative, Leena Alvarez answered to assist me. I proceeded to spell out the city name a total of 8 times while in the background all I could hear was gossip and snickering.

I also asked for certain accommodations and she was extremely rude and being very difficult when I asked for details of the hotel. Towards the end of making the reservation over the phone, I asked for the total of my stay including tax and she refused to tell me. As soon as I would ask the question, she would pause and continue with her script about warranties etc then ask for my credit card information in a rude and irritated tone. I kept asking for my total before giving out my card information and she refused to answer my question but all I could hear in the background was snickering and whispering. I gave up giving my card info and asked for the confirmation and she hung up on me!

I called back to get my confirmation and she answered giggling and when I asked again, was hung up again!! I got really frustrated as the customer service was extremely poor.

If you are customer service you need to give your utmost to help the customer, not evade questions then proceed to read off script while gossiping over the line! Bottom line was it wash the most frustrating customer service call I ever made.

Wyndham needs to make sure they are hiring people in their call center who actually care about the company's image instead of hassling and frustrating the customer.

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